Development Camps

East Park provides our players with a number of development opportunities throughout the off-season. Please check our Registration page for upcoming off-season development camp offerings.

We also provide an optional warm-up camp prior to the start of the season that is included as part of your registration fees. This camp is held at the Turf Training Centre between the beginning of March and the end of April.

Once finalized, the schedule for warm-up camp will be posted below as well as on our social media accounts.

2023 Warm-Up Camp

- Drop-In Schedule -

Players registered for the 2023 season are provided with free warm-up sessions. These sessions are currently operating on a drop-in basis and there is no need to sign-up in advance. Please ensure your child arrives to camp with a glove, helmet, jock/jill, indoor shoes, athletic clothes, and a water bottle.

Saturday, March 114:00pm - 5:00pmTBall
Saturday, March 115:00pm - 6:00pmRookie
Saturday, March 116:00pm - 7:00pmMinor/Major
Saturday, March 117:00pm - 8:00pmJunior/Senior
Saturday, March 184:00pm - 5:00pmTBall
Saturday, March 185:00pm - 6:00pmRookie
Saturday, March 186:00pm - 7:00pmMinor/Major
Saturday, March 187:00pm - 8:00pmJunior/Senior
Saturday, March 254:00pm - 5:00pmTBall
Saturday, March 255:00pm - 6:00pmRookie
Saturday, March 256:00pm - 7:00pmMinor/Major
Saturday, March 257:00pm - 8:00pmJunior/Senior
Saturday, April 14:00pm - 5:00pmTBall
Saturday, April 15:00pm - 6:00pmRookie
Saturday, April 16:00pm - 7:00pmMinor/Major
Saturday, April 17:00pm - 8:00pmJunior/Senior
Saturday, April 84:00pm - 5:00pmTBall
Saturday, April 85:00pm - 6:00pmRookie
Saturday, April 86:00pm - 7:00pmMinor/Major
Saturday, April 87:00pm - 8:00pmJunior/Senior
Saturday, April 154:00pm - 5:00pmTBall
Saturday, April 155:00pm - 6:00pmRookie
Saturday, April 156:00pm - 7:00pmMinor/Major
Saturday, April 157:00pm - 8:00pmJunior/Senior
Saturday, April 224:00pm - 5:00pmTBall
Saturday, April 225:00pm - 6:00pmRookie
Saturday, April 226:00pm - 7:00pmMinor/Major
Saturday, April 227:00pm - 8:00pmJunior/Senior
Saturday, April 294:00pm - 5:00pmTBall
Saturday, April 295:00pm - 6:00pmRookie
Saturday, April 296:00pm - 7:00pmMinor/Major
Saturday, April 297:00pm - 8:00pmJunior/Senior