About us

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Our Mission

The purpose of East Park Little League is to guide and assist our youth in the community to develop qualities of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, and respect through participation in baseball. In doing so, our athletes will strive to become well adjusted, stronger, trustworthy, and resilient citizens.

Our Story

In the early 1960's, Ottewell Little League and Hardisty Little League formed on the south side of Edmonton. For more than 2 decades, these communities provided young athletes with a place and opportunity to enjoy the wonderful game of baseball.

In 1983, they merged to form East Park Little League (EPLL). Since that time, East Park Little League has continued to foster an athletic culture where all players are given the opportunity to grow and learn to play baseball in a fun, friendly environment.

Thanks to our many dedicated volunteers, families, and community supporters, East Park Little League has a long proud tradition of developing generations of young athletes who have not only learned to love baseball, but have also become outstanding citizens in the community and serve as positive role models for future generations.

“Building Great Kids, One Ball Player at a Time!”

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What People Are Saying About East Park

"The whole program is fantastic. The coaches are really great. We love the indoor practices that are offered and that the kids get to try different positions. East Park runs the season very well!"

"FUN! Great atmosphere to play and have fun amongst the coaches and that transfers to the players.

Collaboration between the coaches of opposing teams and with the umpires showing so much respect is very prevalent.

Development of the new and youthful umpires has been really great to watch - they seem well supported."

"Thank you for creating an environment that literally made children fall in love with baseball."